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Зени́т=Zenit ET


Selepas 2 CT berkolaborasi dalam fp acik ini 4 hari yg lepas..yg xsuspen mane pun tu.huhuhu..syok sendiri je acik ni..kali ini jom tengok 'Anak' Tiszaqiah yg agak comel sedikit dari Luna Maya,bertubuh kecil molek..berkulit hitam manis..gemar memakai baju kulit..xpadan dengan kecik..Cuma 1 je dia ni sebenar2nya xde kaitan langsung ngn Tiszaqiah Nur Kasih mahupun Ariel Peterpen & Luna Maya..yang sememangnya panas lagi meletop2 tu..

Jadi jom layannnnnzz..............!!!!!

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This article is about the Russian camera and photographic equipment brand. For the astronomic or geodetic instruments directed to the zenith, see Zenith camera.

Zenit (Russian: Зени́т) is a Russian (and formerly Soviet) camera brand manufactured by KMZin town Krasnogorsk near Moscow since 1952 and by BelOMO in Belarus since the 1970s. The Zenit trademark is associated with 35mm SLR cameras. Among related brands are Zorki for 35mm rangefinder cameras, Moskva (Moscow) and Iskra for medium-format folding cameras and Horizon for panoramic cameras. In the 60s and 70s they were exported by Mashpriborintorg to 74 countries.[1]
The name is sometimes spelled Zenith in English, such as the manuals published by the UK Zenit-importer TOE. However, TOE's imported camera bodies retained the "Zenit" badges.


Early years

he first Zenit was based on the Zorki rangefinder camera (a copy of the Leica II). In transforming the Zorki into an SLR, the simplest approach was taken: the rangefinder housing was removed from the top and replaced by a ground-glass screen and prism; a mirror was added below, with a rope-and-pulley setting system and the M39×1 thread mount was pushed forward to make room for the mirror inside.
During the first years of production (until the Zenit-E of 1967) Zenit camera development coincided with that of the Zorki cameras. The Zenit-S had PC-synchro for external flash units (almost like the Zorki-S) and the Zenit-3M also had an RF-sibling, the Zorki-6.

Zenit-E and its successors
During 1967 through 1969 KMZ built an automatic die-cast moulding line, allowing mass camera production. Camera production switched to the M42×1 thread (also known as P-wire or Praktica thread) and an instantly-returning mirror was also developed. This led to one of the most famous Zenits — Zenit-E which saw (including its subtypes) over 12 million produced. Production included both M39×1 and M42×1 mounts for the Zenit E and Zenit B models. Later models were only produced in the M42×1 or the Pentax K mount.
Towards the end of the 20th century, the Zenit-E heritage became an obstacle to the development of more modern Zenit models. This was because almost all low-end Zenits until the recent 412DX have been based around the Zenit-E die-cast chassis.
The major events of the further development of Zenit-E line was:
Introduction of an automatic 'jumping' diaphragm on the Zenit-EM
TTL metering system (instead of a non-coupled Selenium-cell lightmeter) on the Zenit-TTL
Switching to the Pentax K mount — Zenit-122K
DX-code introduction (instead of manual ISO-speed switch) — Zenit-412DX

Zenit-E line

Models with a Selenium cell lightmeter

Zenit-V, also known as Zenit-B (identical to the E but no lightmeter)
Zenit-VM, also known as Zenit-BM (identical to the EM but no lightmeter)

ok..dah kenal dengan 'anak' baru acik ni?NOS old stock..

Kalau nk bkak muzium blom boleh lagi..barang masih dikumpul..hehehe

Barang rare..still guna filem kodak..

hasil Zenit ET ini masih blom diketahui lagi..kodak masih blom siap dicuci..klu da siap nti pening plak mcmne nk scan..haish..sebab tu la orang xnak pakai kamera ni lagi..tapi apa pun orang kata kamera ni tetap ada nilai sentimental pada acik..mengimbau kenangan lama..

Manual for this camera
click here for PDF Version

esok 30 Jun 2010-genap umur ummi acik 52 tahun..Moga ALLAH berkatimu Ummi..terima kasih atas segalanya....

sekian dulu dari Acik..terima kasih

Dicatat pada 29 Jun 2010
Madinah Nasr,El-Qahirah

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